Prošlo nesavršeno vrijeme

Pro lo nesavr eno vrijeme Damiana Baxtera upoznao sam na Cambridgeu Sreli smo se u vrijeme kada sam uveden u londonsko dru tvo krajem ezdesetih Upoznao sam ga s nekim curama pa smo neko vrijeme svi zajedno landrali Londonom et

  • Title: Prošlo nesavršeno vrijeme
  • Author: Julian Fellowes Petra Mrduljaš Doležal
  • ISBN: 9789531412322
  • Page: 356
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Damiana Baxtera upoznao sam na Cambridgeu Sreli smo se u vrijeme kada sam uveden u londonsko dru tvo krajem ezdesetih Upoznao sam ga s nekim curama pa smo neko vrijeme svi zajedno landrali Londonom etrdeset godina poslije, pripovjeda mrzi Damiana Baxtera No, koliko god bilo ugodno kada ti se javi stari prijatelj, zanimljivije je kad ti se javi stari neprijatelj, stogDamiana Baxtera upoznao sam na Cambridgeu Sreli smo se u vrijeme kada sam uveden u londonsko dru tvo krajem ezdesetih Upoznao sam ga s nekim curama pa smo neko vrijeme svi zajedno landrali Londonom etrdeset godina poslije, pripovjeda mrzi Damiana Baxtera No, koliko god bilo ugodno kada ti se javi stari prijatelj, zanimljivije je kad ti se javi stari neprijatelj, stoga e prihvatiti molbu bogatog Damiana na umoru da prona e majku djeteta koje je mo da napravio tijekom jedne blistave, ali razorne londonske dru tvene sezone Potraga e pripovjeda a vratiti u udesan svijet raspojasanoga Londona ezdesetih koji vrvi dobrim dru tvom i lo im pona anjem.

    • Prošlo nesavršeno vrijeme : Julian Fellowes Petra Mrduljaš Doležal
      356 Julian Fellowes Petra Mrduljaš Doležal
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  • Julian Fellowes Petra Mrduljaš Doležal

    Julian Alexander Kitchener Fellowes Baron Fellowes of West Stafford , DL English actor, novelist, screenwriter, and director.Fellowes is the youngest son of Peregrine Fellowes a diplomat and Arabist who campaigned to have Haile Selassie restored to his throne during World War II Julian inherited the title of Lord of the Manor of Tattershall from his father, making him the fourth Fellowes to hold it He was educated at Ampleforth College, Magdalene College, Cambridge, and at the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art.He played the part of Lord Kilwillie in the television series Monarch of the Glen Other notable acting roles included the part of Claud Seabrook in the acclaimed 1996 BBC drama serial Our Friends in the North He has twice notably portrayed George IV as the Prince Regent in the 1982 television version of The Scarlet Pimpernel and the 1996 adaptation of Bernard Cornwell s novel Sharpe s Regiment He wrote the screenplay for Gosford Park, directed by Robert Altman, for which he won an Oscar for Best Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen in 2002.His novel Snobs was published in 2004 It focused on the social nuances of the upper class Fellowes has described himself as coming from the rock bottom end of the top , and drew on his knowledge of Society to paint a detailed portrait of the behaviour and snobbery of the upper class Snobs was a Sunday Times Best Seller and has now been published in many countries In the 1970s he also wrote romantic novels, using the names Rebecca Greville and Alexander Morant.He launched a new series on BBC One in 2004, Julian Fellowes Investigates A Most Mysterious Murder, which he wrote and also introduced on screen He also penned the script to the current West End musical Mary Poppins, produced by Cameron Mackintosh and Disney, which opened on Broadway in December 2006 In late 2005 Fellowes made his directorial debut with the film Separate Lies He is the presenter of Never Mind the Full Stops, a panel based gameshow transmitted on BBC Four from mid 2006 On 28 April 1990, he married Emma Joy Kitchener a Lady in Waiting to Princess Michael of Kent, and great great niece of the 1st Earl Kitchener and assumed the name Kitchener Fellowes by deed enrolled with the College of Arms in 1998.


  • "Me aguarde lo que me aguarde, ya sea mucho o poco, eso queda por ver, pero he conocido de lo que hablan los poetas y esa es la razón de que me sienta agradecido".Es curioso la manera en que un libro o un escritor entra en nuestras vidas. En este caso, y prefiero pensar que el azar en sí no existe sino como fuerza que te impulsa ha mirar hacia un lado en concreto, me llegó a modo de un simple mensaje de propaganda. Pues bien, abrí el mensaje y descubrí a este autor y su nueva obra Belgravia [...]

  • Fellowes is amusing because he is keenly observant, advantageously placed, literate, and loquacious. He puts words together in a way that makes us smirk and smile and acknowledge to be largely truthful, if not entirely. He writes of a class of society most of us will never know personally: the rich, the famous, the titled. While we may not aspire to the life these people endure, there is something intrinsically interesting about a life without the more usual set of boring constraints most of us [...]

  • Past Imperfect is set in 1968, where everybody in the upper classes is trying to pretend its the 20s, but thanks to the sepia-coloured narration we can tell that their days are numbered, and what a surprise, you can tell that they kind of know it too. The narrator, now a writer, was a peripheral part of the debutante set who introduced a charming, handsome, distinctly middle-class interloper Damien Baxter into their set. A natural social climber, Damien seems intent on penetrating the upper-clas [...]

  • Wish had a 'an a half' star system I actually felt 'pain' when giving this novel 2 stars instead of, at least, 3!! Just finished reading it last night and still cant shake off the sense that i ought to have enjoyed it more, that within this long, deeply textured novel should have been better epiphanies and richer discoveries, none which I experienced. I really liked Gosford Park and I absolutely loved 'Snobs', so I was totally ready to enjoy this second novel, too, and yet, for me, it mostly fa [...]

  • 1 1/2 tristes y confusas estrellas. Julian Fellowes es el autor del guión de Gosford Park (una película increíble) y el creador de Downtown Abbey (una serie que, aunque al final dejé de verla, me resultaba fascinante). Es evidente que el señor sabe escribir y que lo hace muy bien, increíblemente bien, por eso me ha costado tanto asumir que "Pasado imperfecto" no me ha gustado.La novela gira entorno a un supuesto misterio: Damian Baxter un multimillonario inglés pide ayuda a un amigo (en r [...]

  • This is an extraordinarily evocative book and I truly relished reading it. It's so descriptive that you almost feel as if you're part of the events taking place, and the many switches between the narrator's youth in the late 1960s and the present day are deftly handled. The characters are frequently somewhat grotesque, but this serves to make them both intriguing and eay to distinguish from each other - useful since there are a lot of people in this story. The narrator also provides a commentary [...]

  • Fellowes is undoubtedly good at what he does. The book is very readable and I didn't even notice until almost the end of the book that I didn't know the narrator's name, which means that the not naming of the narrator was not a pretentious literary move, but the best way to tell the story. So good job with that, Fellowes. He also had a lot of interesting cultural observations many of which I agree with.However there are two things which made it so I couldn't give this book a better rating, one i [...]

  • I expected this book to be a fun, insubstantial bit of fluff. Boy, was I surprised.Mr. Fellowes wrote the screenplay for Gosford Park and is the author of another novel that I haven't read, but now will. He's working in P.G. Wodehouse/Evelyn Waugh territory - an English novel of manners - a mix of novel and ethnography of the upper crust with plenty of humor thrown in.The premise is a lovely one. The narrator's decidedly former friend, Damien, is dying. The quest: to find Damien's hitherto unkno [...]

  • Peguei neste livro numa feira de velharias porque o nome do autor me invocou uma série que gosto muito - ele é o criador de Downton Abbey. Quiz ver o que ele conseguia fazer numa nota um pouco mais contemporânea.E gostei! O livro é denso do ponto de vista psocilógico e social,já que retrata uma sociedade em decadência de valores pós-II Guerra, um mundo que desapareceu no dealbar dos anos 70.Uma coisa curiosa: o nosso narrador nunca é nomeado. O nome dele nunca é citado uma unica vez qu [...]

  • A big book of 500 pages. This makes it a bumper book af about 170,000 words. Now, some agents/publishers say that a book shouldn't exceed 80-100,000 words even if it is historical. Well perhaps they don't have quite the attention span of most enthusiasteic readers of today. For myself, I was totally absorbed throughout the span of the book.The book is set in the present and periodically takes the main part of the story back to the London Season of 1968. This, for the narrator is a glittering tim [...]

  • As a fan of "Downton Abbey" I pounced on Julian Fellowes novel Past Imperfect and a swell story it is. It is, first and foremost, not a novel of Edwardian manners and mores but, on the other hand, a modern novel which is set in 2008 and looks back to events in 1968. The story is narrated by a nameless narrator (unless I missed it, he is never named) who is a moderately successul London-based novelist. Out of the blue he receives a request from Damien Baxter, a person he knew from the London seas [...]

  • A modern novel of manners by Downton Abbey/Gosford Park creator Julian Fellowes. I first fell in love with Fellowes when he played Killwillie on Monarch of the Glen. Plotwise this novel is just so-so, but as a vehicle for social commentary, it is excellent. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing the narrator's (Fellowes?) opinions on social change from the late 1960s to the present day. I read this as an audio book and the narration felt natural.Warning: Increasing gratuitous sex and profanity towards the [...]

  • I'd like to give 3.5 stars, but can't figure that out. Sigh.Anyway, this was MUCH better than Snobs, Fellowes' book I read before this one. The plot is nicely strategized around a simple dilemma of DNA of whose child is whose, and comically and melancholically moved through by a middle-aged man revisiting friends whom he hasn't seen or spoken to in 20-odd years, due to a Great-Event in Portugal that broke an old group of friends apart. This incident is referred to throughout the book, a bit too [...]

  • This novel by the Academy Award winning scriptor of Godsford Park is one of my favorite types of books -- an English novel of manners, a little suspense, this is a portrait of Britain at the end of one era and the start of the next. As in the Jim Jarmish film Broken Flowers, a man's search for a child he fathered 40 years ago by revisiting the possible mothers sets the plot in motion. The purported parentage is only the device however, and each maternal possibility represents another aspect of B [...]

  • No matter his astute criticism of the aristocracy and its snobbery, Julian Fellowes is himself also a colossal snob. That's the one downside to what is otherwise a really fun pseudo-mystery about the paternity of a child sired during the coming out season of 1968. I enjoyed pretty much every page, even though the writing is just a wee bit overwrought when it came to the protagonist and Serena. Great fun!

  • A well written novel set in the late 1960's aristocratic society. I found it hard to get into and although written well, it was hard to digest and felt very long winded. It's one of the first books I wanted to just give on. I feel this would translate well being made into a one off tv drama.

  • "Past Imperfect," by "Downton Abbey" writer Julian Fellowes, plays out an interesting premise -- rich old bastard Damian Baxter hires his estranged friend to track down five women from their past before he dies (and his death is imminent), for the purpose of discerning whether he is the father of any of their children. You see, before Damian was a rich old bastard, he was a penniless young bastard who horned in on the aristocratic social season (with the help of his now-estranged friend) in the [...]

  • I have been so smitten with Julian Fellows' Downton Abbey that I had to follow up with some of his other works while waiting out Season 3. Well done, again! While Past Imperfect reads as a personal journal as well as a personal journey and can be slow at times, Fellows worked in a rather clever twist at the end. Past Imperfect pulls at the heartstrings while chronicling the decline of the British aristocracy within Fellows lifetime. I found myself constantly comparing what I know of my parents' [...]

  • A real page turner which could, perhaps, have been a little more vigorously edited. I only say that because the theme of the lost world of the English upper class, post-war, is driven home. There are some interesting comparisons made between generations as a result but the most satisfying aspect is the the opportunity taken to return to the previous social group members for in-depth discussions on their lives and loves over the intervening 40 year period. Narrator is self-deprecating and charmin [...]

  • This is just a delicious book! Julian Fellowes has all the equipment of my favorite British writers: the eliptical sentences, perfect pitch irony, seeming restraint against the forces of hilarity, and the wonderful wacky set pieces that seem to beset the English in particular. His subject is a knowing look at the British Upper Classes and he writes about his subjects with a twinkling but candid eye.The story, about a dying gazillionaire searching for his love child at the eleventh hour out of a [...]

  • Questa recensione è presente anche sul blog: thebooksblendertervistaPer la precisione: 3,63★Con un attento rimpallo tra presente e passato, seguiamo questa ricerca che, più va avanti, più approfondisce un lontano passato mai completamente scordato e sepolto. Ovviamente, il passato di Damian s'intreccia con quello del nostro narratore, primo colpevole d'aver fatto entrare la serpe in seno alla sua ricercata e ristretta cerchia di amici e conoscenze della upper class britannica.Vorrei sofferm [...]

  • This book stands out for its reflective, sometimes witty, sometimes sardonic, sometimes wistful insights into human nature and the British class system. There are views from inside, outside, and the fringes of the British upper class, and an interesting picture of the significant changes the 60s and 70s brought to that class, known for being nearly impervious to change over the centuries. The story itself, a vehicle, really, for the above, is engaging enough. It is constructed in that see-saw pr [...]

  • I loved it. It is a bit old-fashioned, deliciously sentimental novel. The plot is rather simple - a dying millionaire asks his once-friend, now almost-enemy to research a list of women from their shared past, to find out which one has a child by him, as he suspects on the basis of a letter. The narrator accepts and sets out on a task which takes him back years in time, to the happy summer of 1968 when they all made their "debut" during the London season. It is a trip down memory lane, in very sp [...]

  • If you just couldn't get enough of Downton Abbey and wonder what would have happened to the English aristocracy if the show had covered the 1960's - present day, "Past Imperfect" could be just the thing for you. After all, Julian Fellowes wrote the screenplay for "Gosford Park," and then wrote and produced Downton Abbey. But be forewarned - it's not quite so glamorous in the second half of the 20th century as it was in the first half. And that was, for me, all the more reason to love this book. [...]

  • Można zarzucić tej powieści, że jest nieco przegadana. A narrator, który jest także bohaterem tej opowieści zbyt pasywny jak na jedną z kluczowych postaci. Jednak zarzuty te były dla mnie drugorzędne. Julian Fellowes napisał taką powieść jakiej oczekiwałem po scenarzyście "Downton Abbey" i Oscarowego "Gosford Park". Świat arystokracji angielskiej pod koniec lat 60-tych XX wieku został przedstawiony z odpowiednią dozą sentymentalnego glamouru świata odchodzącego w przeszło [...]

  • I really enjoyed the character development and the "narrator." I didn't love the last few chapters but it was more my disappointment in choices made/how it ended.

  • Kahjuks ei suutnud seda raamatut lõpuni lugeda. Lihtsalt nii tüütu, üldse ei edenenud. Seletas muudkui, kuidas inglise kõrgklass hääbus jne jne. Vahele natuke ka seda, milles tegevus peaks seisnema. Jätsin pooleli, sest mul on nii palju põnevaid raamatuid ees ootamas. Kas ei olnud praegu õige aeg selle lugemiseks või ei istu mulle selle autori stiil. Suutsin lugeda kõigest 76 lehekülge ja siis andsin alla. Aga nagu öeldakse, siis maitsed on erinevad. Võib-olla läheks pärast huvi [...]

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