Pulse Death is Esa s constant companion always with her waiting to strike In the aftermath of the war the world is unrecognisable and has become a simple fight to find food and shelter to stay alive Yet

  • Title: Pulse
  • Author: H.J. Daly
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 466
  • Format: Paperback
  • Death is Esa s constant companion, always with her, waiting to strike In the aftermath of the war, the world is unrecognisable and has become a simple fight to find food and shelter, to stay alive.Yet there is a glimmer of hope shinning from a new realm which emerged from the raging war It is a world of wonder and magic, but it also holds darkness The shadows are closinDeath is Esa s constant companion, always with her, waiting to strike In the aftermath of the war, the world is unrecognisable and has become a simple fight to find food and shelter, to stay alive.Yet there is a glimmer of hope shinning from a new realm which emerged from the raging war It is a world of wonder and magic, but it also holds darkness The shadows are closing in, eclipsing the light and once it finds her, no one will be safe.

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    HJ has always loved stories, and writing became a natural progression to reading Reading with her own children and then at schools in a hope of capturing the hearts and minds of the young It wasn t always about writing though, during her late teens, HJ stepped up her Latin American dancing and travelled Europe.If you want to read about HJ, or see sneak peaks of books to come, along with other interesting post go to redribbonwrites


  • I love this kind of book, the world is knocked on it's butt by something and then seeing how people react to it. How they overcome and go on. This book is a little different. A Pulse from a weapon brings down a barrier, that had until now, separated our realm from a magical realm. Now everything is mixed up and all are mistrustful of the others. Esa is a girl who is used to being on her own and taking care of herself. She has no knowledge of her history, parents, or even her birthday. She just k [...]

  • Fantasy fiction has always been a favourite of mine. I love to be taken to an unfamiliar world and this book did just that.We meet Esa, a young girl trying to survive alone in a seemingly post-apocalyptic world. A Pulse weapon used during a war has brought on the emergence of another realm previously hidden to all humankind.Both worlds are now interlinked with many new races being introduced only previously heard of in fairy tales.Esa, while looking for a place to rest one night meets Rootu a me [...]

  • In a post apocalyptic world Esa is basically a nomad with no home of her own she does what she needs to survive Never wanting to cause problems but will to defend herself should she need to She lost her parents to the war and ever since then shes kept to herself Esa only cares about No.1, this really kinda bugs me at first But I get it the kid is damaged shes has to keep people away in order to survive As the book progressed so did EsaLet me back track to the war a pulse weapon was used that rip [...]

  • HJ Daly Pulse I loved this story from the start. Well written and incredibly descriptive, this debut novel shows the talent the author has at storytelling and setting the scene. The storyline gradually unfolded as it went on, with the pieces slowly falling into place leaving no gaps, though learning a little more about the Pulse itself could have added an extra depth. The characters were great, and although it was hard to keep track of who was who to begin with, it became easier as each had thei [...]

  • I'm really conflicted by this book. I actually nearly gave up on it at about a third of the way through, but I persevered and got all the way through. It is getting some really high praise and in some ways I can see why. My feelings about it aren't quite as favorable, however.I loved the premise of the story. There are parallel worlds and a giant Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) has shattered the walls between the worlds - you can now travel through Marks (gateways) into the Second Realm - a magical [...]

  • This story is set in a post-apocalyptic world sometime after a pulse has taken down the barrier between the "first world" (ours) and the "second world." Although the residents of the second world have always been able to see our world through the barrier, humans have never even been aware of another world existing alongside theirs.The protagonist in this story is a young orphan girl named Esa. Living on the streets and fending for herself, Esa doesn't trust anyone. A hard life of living on the s [...]

  • I think this is the hardest review I have ever written. Nine times out of ten I haven’t even spoken to, let alone met the author of a book I am reviewing, so it is easy to be objective and write my review based on what I have felt just from reading the words on the page. This time is very different. H J Daly is a personal friend, and Pulse is a story I have read MANY times, through various stages of writing, from the first, very rough draft, to the finished product. So I have to admit, I have [...]

  • "Pulse" by H.J. Daly was given to me by the author for an honest review and I must thank her for the great entertainment this book has provided.This is a great fantasy story and an enjoyable and easy read. Set in England after a big war that leaves the country vulnerable to crime and chaos our heroine Esa is left to fight for her own. During a big war some weapon has affected the boundaries between realms. It is a world of goblins, sorcerers and elfs. Sorcerer Alphamor is chasing Esa's friend Ro [...]

  • I was given this as an ebook by the author for an honest review.The story takes place after a tragic even has drastically changed the face of the planet, and we learn that there are other realms around us that we never knew existed.This story really has everything that you could want in a book. You've got unrequited love, action, magic, fantasy, drama, temptation and redemption. I soooo wanted to give it a higher rating because I absolutely LOVE the story that Daly weaves, but I just couldn't br [...]

  • I received this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review. This is the debut novel bu HJ Daley, and I can't lie, I had a really hard time with it. Also I'm finding it hard to write this review. I found this book okay. When I was finished I wasn't moved by the book, I actually felt relieved that I had finished it at all. I found the book to be jumpy, which made it confusing for me. I would be reading and all of a sudden I thought I had missed pages but I hadn't. I also wanted [...]

  • Pulse by HJ Daly is a YA post-apocalyptic story with an interesting fantasy element as well. The story takes place after the pulse which removed the barrier between other realms and allowed humans to interact with magical creatures. The main character is Esa, a girl who has learned to survive on her own and doesn't trust others. Esa has had a hard life and she has a lot of walls put up. But throughout the book, Esa learns to trust other sand to make friends.I have to admit that I had a hard time [...]

  • First off. This cover gets a 5* from me. Since I am really, really shallow and never read blurbs I must admit that I would pick up this book in a bookstore with not a single doubt.Now. We have Esa. A strong female character. And I mean strong. Not forever fainting, instead this is a survivor.World building. Very well done. Writing very well done.As for a unique read, the combination between post apocalyptic, sci fi and paranormal is expertly done. All in all a fun read with twists that will keep [...]

  • I'm going to give this author some credit. They mixed some elements that don't normally go together and turned them into a reasonable story. That being said, they didn't work for me. I can't envision goblins, wind turbines and a few other things, together as they are in this story. The story is very well written and I really felt the characters. I even like the Dystopian environment that it's mostly set it. It is quite the accomplishment in a story. I'm thinking that someone into Steampunk would [...]

  • This is a great sci-fi, futuristic read. Esa stumbles upon Rootu and decides to help him get back home. We follow them through this story. I wish there were a few more details, but overall this was a great read. WaAR

  • See this review and more like it at Ramblings on Readings Title: PulseAuthor: HJ DalyMy Rating: 2.5 StarsGood Reads Rating: 4.03 StarsContent Rating: 16+ (some disturbing images, violence)Series: Sword of Idis #1Genre: YA Fantasy/Post-ApocalypticPages: 310Publisher: Anchor Group PublishingCheck it Out: Good Reads | Barnes and Noble | I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.Good Reads Synopsis:She looked into their non-existent faces and felt them smile in [...]

  • I received this book to give an honest review. This is a 4 1/2 stars!As I was reading some of the reviews, and a few made a mention of a post-apocalyptic or a dystopian world. I didn't get that feel with this book. It was just more of a fantasy maybe more back in the day type of book where you have elfs, and goblins, mages, swords. The writing of the story was really good. The characters were done great.Now Esa who is the main character, well she is a survivor of sorts. She always gets herself o [...]

  • Fantastic story about a human girl, Esa. Living a life no girl should have to live. I felt so bad for Esa. How can one body take so much pain? She was living a lie and didn't even know it. Just her and her instincts. She lived minute to minute. Until one stranger changes her life forever. Creatures of Goblins and elves everywhere. Panicking Esa just wanted to run. Her instincts was shouting at herDANGER!! Now read and find out what horrible mess she gets herself intoI loved how the author create [...]

  • I read Pulse by HJ Daly. I recommend this book. This author creates a new world on Earth with two realms after something called a Pulse devastates everything. The main character is Esa. She's lived by herself since the Pulse before she can remember. She has only the clothes on her back, a dagger and a pack. Her scars tell of her hard journey in life fighting to live. She meets a Spinner named Rootu. She's not sure of him at first but grows to care for him as she saves his life. She meets an Elf [...]

  • First of all, let me state that I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.This book confused me at first, but once I got into it, and figured out the characters, it drew me into its world.Set in a post-apocalyptic world, Pulse merges the mythical world with the real world, combining the two in such a way that it makes you believe that it can truly occur in our world. The characters are lively, and their stories intertwine together to blend in a way that keeps you turn [...]

  • I gave this book a five star rating on the fact that I was hooked all the way through. straight into action. love the different fae elements elfs goblins and gorrels. the storyline, poor esa been on her own for a while never attaches herself to anyone until she meets rootu love how he has the funny element to the story and his pets, you have to love them. turmoil between esa and thomas her protector or is he???not gonna spoil it. so looking forward to the continuation. waar

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