The Ring of the Slave Prince

The Ring of the Slave Prince From one of Denmark s foremost writers here is his most impressive book to date a roguishly fantastic adventure story of piracy slave owners witch burning shipwrecks desert islands and larger th

  • Title: The Ring of the Slave Prince
  • Author: Bjarne Reuter Tiina Nunnally
  • ISBN: 9780525471462
  • Page: 206
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From one of Denmark s foremost writers, here is his most impressive book to date a roguishly fantastic adventure story of piracy, slave owners, witch burning, shipwrecks, desert islands, and larger than life characters the largest of which is fourteen year old Tom O Connor, a poor, adventurous, charming liar who lives with his mother and half sister at a tavern on the islaFrom one of Denmark s foremost writers, here is his most impressive book to date a roguishly fantastic adventure story of piracy, slave owners, witch burning, shipwrecks, desert islands, and larger than life characters the largest of which is fourteen year old Tom O Connor, a poor, adventurous, charming liar who lives with his mother and half sister at a tavern on the island of Nevis in 1639 Good and evil, truth and lies, right and wrong tug at this unlikely hero when he rescues a slave from drowning, learns he is prince, loses him, travels the Southern Hemisphere in search of him section removed due to egregious spoilers Translated from Danish by Tiina Nunnally.

    • The Ring of the Slave Prince Bjarne Reuter Tiina Nunnally
      206 Bjarne Reuter Tiina Nunnally
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    Bjarne Reuter, born 1950 in Br nsh j, a suburb of Copenhagen, Denmark and the setting of many of his books.His first book was published in 1975, the same year he graduated from teacher s college.In 1980, Bjarne Reuter left teaching to devote full time to writing.He is the author of some 60 books for children and young adults see complete bibliography.He has written several novels for adults as well In addition, he is the author of plays, musicals,radio and television series for children Eight of his books have been made into films for children, a number have been serialized on television and many of them have been dramatized on the stage in Denmark, Finland and Germany as well as in countries as far from home as Japan and Argentina.Publications 1975 Kidnapning children s book 1975 Rent guld i posen children s book 1976 En dag i Hector Hansens liv1976 Ridder af skraldespanden children s book 1976 Rottef ngeren fra Hameln children s book 1977 Den st rste nar i verden children s book 1977 Det sk re land children s book 1977 Eventyret om Hu children s book 1977 Sk nheden og uhyret children s book 1977 Tre engle og fem l ver children s book 1977 Zappa, en kaldblodig hore1978 De seks tjenere children s book 1978 Den utilfredse prins children s book 1978 Drengen der ikke kunne blive bange children s book 1978 Slusernes kejser1979 Busters verden children s book 1979 B rnenes julekalender children s book 1979 Den fredag Osvald blev usynlig children s book 1979 Rejsen til morgenr dens hav children s book 1979 St vet p en sommerfugls vinge1980 F r det lysner short stories 1980 Kolumbine Harlekin children s book 1980 Kys stjernerne children s book 1980 Suzanne Leonard1981 Knud, Otto og Carmen Rosita1981 Skibene i skovene1982 Abdulahs juveler children s book 1982 Det forkerte barn short stories 1982 Hvor regnbuen ender children s book 1982 sten for solen og vesten for m nen children s book 1983 Casanova1983 N r snerlen blomstrer1984 Malte P s i Den Store Vide Verden children s book 1984 Tre skuespil drama 1984 Tropicana1985 Bundhu1985 Da solen skulle s lges children s book 1985 Shamran den som kommer1986 De andre historier short stories 1986 En tro kopi1986 Natten i Safarihulen children s book 1987 Den dobbelte mand1987 Dr mmenes bro children s book 1987 Os to, Oskar for evigt children s book 1987 Vendetta1988 Den cubanske kabale1988 M nen over Bella Bio1989 Den sk ggede dame children s book 1989 Peter Pan children s book 1989 Vi der valgte m lkevejen1990 3 til Bermudos1990 Mig og Albinoni1991 Drengene fra Sankt Petri1991 Lola1992 7.A.1992 En rem af huden1992 Kaptajn Bimse Goggeletten children s book 1993 Den korsikanske bisp1993 Johnny The Hurricanes1994 Anna Havanna children s book 1995 Langebro med l bende figurer1996 Anna Havanna, Kaptajn Bimse og alle de andre children s book 1996 Ved profetens sk g1997 Fakiren fra Bilbao1998 En som Hodder children s book 1998 Mikado1999 Mordet p Leon Culman1999 Under kometens hale1999 Willys fars bil children s book 2000 Prins Faisals ring The Ring of the Slave Prince , English translation by Tiina Nunnally 2004 2002 Barolo Kvartetten2002 Kaptajn Bimse i Saltimbocca children s book 2003 Kaptajn Bimses jul children s book 2004 L gnhalsen fra Umbrien2006 Halvvejen til Rafael Novel 2007 Skyggernes hus2008 Fem 2008 Den iranske gartner2010 Den egyptiske tenor


  • This would make a great movie with one incredible twist after another. The adventures of the earlier chapters become the tall tales of incorrigible liar Tom O’Connor in later chapters. Tom leaves his home on a 17th century Caribbean island, seeking the slave he believes will be his fortune. In turn he becomes a shark fisherman, a blacksmith, sugar plantation overseer, cabin boy, castaway and pirate. It’s all a bit unbelievable, but then that’s the fun of it. This book is every boy’s drea [...]

  • Thoughts on the Overall Book: I had high expectations for this book when I got it, and for the most part, I was not disappointed. It was maybe not quite as awesome as I hoped it would be, but I really did enjoy the story a lot.Cover--Yea or Nay: Despite the fact that the characters are portrayed on the cover, I really like it. I think the artist did a good job portraying Tom and Boto, at least how I pictured them, and the fact that it's drawn instead of using models makes it better. It also port [...]

  • La verdad es que me encantó. Disfruté como un chiquillo. Aventura y un protagonista muy prespicaz y vivo en una verdadera historia de piratas. Si te gustan estos géneros, El anillo del príncipe es un gran libro.

  • This is action adventure of the 'Boy's own' sort set in Nevis and Jamaica during the times of sailing ships and the slave trade.Young Tom O'Connor lives with his mother and half sister ( Spanish) in an Inn on Nevis owned by a grumpy old Spaniard. Tom aged 14 is an exert sailor and often goes out at night sailing by himself. One night he rescues a Spanish man from Cadiz and a small skinny slave . The Spanish man says the slave is a prince and there fore very valuable is they can get him back to h [...]

  • Denne slags bøger var altid min yndlings. Jeg ville give mere and fem stjernen vis jeg kunne. Det er en eventyr historie, som handle i år 1639. Du vil erfare en bred vifte af oplevelse - ungdom og ældning, overflod og fattigdom, virkeliggørelsen og tab, beundring og hader, tålmodighed og agitation, wanderlust og hjemve, trofasthed og uærlighed, venskab og antipati, tapperhed og fejhed, hav eventyr og landskab eventyr, fisker og pirater, frihed og slaveri, fødsel og død, visdom og dumhed, [...]

  • Tom is clever, creative, and very, very lucky. I like how his big mouth gets him in and out of trouble. The author did a great job with his character development and with the moral of the story that God and life are worth clinging to. If the translator hadn't used the s word for going to the bathroom, I would have given this book five stars and I would have ordered it for my bookshelf. Alas. One cannot have everything in life.

  • Nachdem dieses Buch seit einer Vielzahl an Jahren in den Tiefen meines Bücherregals vor sich hin staubte, habe ich es nun endlich hervorgeholt und gelesen. Und ich muss sagen, es hat mir wirklich gut gefallen. Eigentlich lese ich recht selten Bücher aus diesem Genre und habe mich vielleicht gerade deswegen solange davor gedrückt das Buch zu lesen. Das war aber definitiv ein Fehler. Prinz Faisals Ring lebt von tollen Charakteren und spannenden Wendungen! Daher gibt es von mir 4 Sterne!

  • Historical topic: Slavery.What did you like most about the book: How you could play certain parts of the book out in your mind.What did you dislike most about the book: How it would drag on and seemed like it never really went anywhere.Summary: A boy whos family has gone into dept and become slaves. As he entered his teen years he decided to run away from home and try to find money in order to get his family out of dept by trying to steal money from a pirate crew.

  • This was a very eventful book. It is about the young adventures that Tom O'Conner in the late 1600's. At the time that he leaves home he is 13. He does return after sailing on ships, learning to be a blacksmith and becoming a bomba in Jamacia. When he returns he finds that home is not what he left so he soon leaves again this time with his sister! This book was well worth reading!

  • Through the book he is searching for his ticket to richness at the end of the book you realise all that glitters doesnt bring richness. Richness lies in being kind,paying it forward. Doing good regardless race, colour or who you like. Although I am hidrofobic I sailed and even swam the seven seas with Tom O Connor

  • Este pequeño libro no tiene la popularidad que se merece, pero para mí es una de las mejores novelas juveniles de aventura que se han escrito. La forma de narrar desde distintos puntos de vista me parece muy original y aporta mucha riqueza a la historia. Además, piratas ¿quién se resiste a ellos?

  • This book was very good. I found it in the Library and wanted to read it. It was interesting in hooking. The characters, like Tom O'Connor and Nyo Boto were very interesting and the way they interacted was great. There was also a little humor involved. I woudl recommend this book to anybody because it is a great book and one of my favorites.

  • well worth a read, especially when you need to fantasize and let your mind slip free. you don't get the feeling that you are being taken for a ride, but the authors imagination is very inspiring. i don't know where he gets it from!shitty title, and the picture here is crap. it is a very good book though and will drag you into reuters world.

  • Prins Faisals ring er en rigtig drengerøvsroman af den gode gamle slags. Her er pirater og slavehandlere, løgnhalse og plantageejere, skibbrud og øde øer. Opfindsomheden er uovertruffen, men charmen er nok størst for 10-15 årige, derfor kun 3 stjerner.

  • From my review at age 12: -I liked the way this story interlocked and layered-some of the subject matter and language made me wince-Bjarne is an amazing author

  • i finally finished thisjust haven't had enough time for reading. i enjoyed this book a lot more than i was expecting to. i wonder if it will ever be a movie.

  • This book is greta if you just wanna get away from everything and lose ur mind :P I didnt think i would enjoy it as much as i did but this really is a book you HAVE to read

  • I'm at around page 200, i can seriously not stop reading! I think its a really really good book!!!! Can t write ant more must read please! read this book! Its amazing!

  • Awesome! At the time I had read this, I had been looking for a great adventure book, and this book definitely satisfied my needs.

  • Without a doubt one of my all time favourite books - first read this when I was about 14, have re-read numerous times. Highly recommend!

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