NOT A BOOK: Amazingly Broken

NOT A BOOK Amazingly Broken New Adult and No cliffhanger Life threw Elana a curveballHer mother died in Iowa and Elana was left to fend for herself with an abusive and drunken father who couldn t care less about her well being A

  • Title: NOT A BOOK: Amazingly Broken
  • Author: NOT A BOOK
  • ISBN: 9781484020708
  • Page: 366
  • Format: None
  • New Adult and No cliffhanger Life threw Elana a curveballHer mother died in Iowa and Elana was left to fend for herself with an abusive and drunken father who couldn t care less about her well being After years of heartache and pain she graduated from high school and moved to Florida to go to college with her best friend Tiffany.A new beginningThat s where she met JNew Adult and No cliffhanger Life threw Elana a curveballHer mother died in Iowa and Elana was left to fend for herself with an abusive and drunken father who couldn t care less about her well being After years of heartache and pain she graduated from high school and moved to Florida to go to college with her best friend Tiffany.A new beginningThat s where she met Jaxon He was everything she didn t need He was a cocky, tattooed, and a beer drinking musclehead He was the type of guy that she normally would have avoided given her circumstances but when he offers her a bed to sleep on she can t say no She never thought that she would discover they weren t much different from one another and that he had his own secrets and scars he didn t want revealed to anyone

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  • I have removed my review based on the news about plagiarism about this book. In my original review I said it was Beautiful Disasterish but little did I know how accurate I was. I am doubly irritated because the author, who presented himself as a woman, contacted me and asked me to review the book before it was live. After it was live he contacted me a couple of times to ask me to post a review and on FB stated that he wanted to make it to #1 on . I'm feeling personally used and deceived. You got [...]

  • It seems as if Jordin Williams has copied large portions of Tammera Webber's and Jamie McGuire's best selling books Easy an Beautiful Disaster, respectively. Check out this link from Dear Author for comparisonsarauthor/book-reviews/th

  • Ok, so I have been around the block a few timesI am not new to this whole new adult tattooed bad-ass genre. What??? What did you think I was talking about?????Amazingly Broken by Jordin Williams was a book that I had a hard time finishing. If I had not already DNFed a book earlier in the week, I likely would have given up on this one. I was hoping for a great read. After all, it had all the essential elements to a great story.*tattooed bad-boy CHECK*tattooed bad-boy with some anger issues CHECK* [...]


  • Warning to EVERYONE that has considered reading or has already bought this book. I recommend returning it It was Plagiarized. She copied huge chunks from Tammara Webber's book Easy!!!here's the link so you can see the proofarauthor/book-reviews/thI try to not get involved in these things. But as an author I cannot sit back and watch this happen and not say anything.EditPieces of Beautiful Disaster was also found in this book.

  • Well, if you liked this book - don't feel so bad. Turns out it was mostly written by Jamie McGuire and Tamara webber!!dearauthor/book-reviews/th

  • 7/3Wow. the "book" is back!! and of course all my info and links about the plagiarism are gone im linking them againaders need to be informed! teresamummert/1/post/2arauthor/book-reviews/thETA Found the first book and all the links so that makes me happy that they weren't deleted! But the first book/reviews/info does NOT come up when u search for Amazingly Broken. hmmmmm's the first book:/book/show/17Merged review:6/27 ~ more drama! (thanks Lkay) word.officeve/wv/WordV**6/26 ~ wowagiarismally?? [...]

  • This book is a plagiarized rip off of Easy and Beautiful DisasterThe full details regarding the plagiarism:dearauthor/book-reviews/thFortunately, has removed it from its catalog. It appears the author claims her ghost writer made the errors. Either way, it's plagiarized.

  • So, this is the story of Elana and Jaxxon. They met in Florida when attending the same college. Both of them are broken and hiding secrets… but somehow they can’t help being attracted to each other and against their will, their relationship will mess with their lives and they will find out that sometimes things don't go as we expected. I tried. I really tried to like this book. The blurb seemed great and I was anxious to read it. The writing was a little off for me since the beginning but I [...]

  • 06/26/2013 --UPDATE!!I just found out this book was a total plagiarized mess. Check out this link: dearauthor/book-reviews/thThanks to those who let me know. I rated it 1 Star all on my own from what I read. It earned it even without my knowledge of the dirty deeds done by this so-called author!!06/24/2013 -- Overall Rating = 1 StarBook Cover / Book Blurb = 4 / 3 = 3.5 StarsWriter’s Voice = 1 StarCharacter Development = 1 StarsStory Appreciation = 1 StarsWorth the Chili = 0 Stars [$2.99 on ] - [...]

  • UPDATE/WARNING:Apparently this book was plagiarized! I clearly didn't get far enough in to the book to discover this.but regardless, that is just wrong. Original Review:Um.ah, NOPE!DNFing this one at 21%. Cheesy dialogue--checkTattooed bad boy hero--checkVirgin heroine--checkHeroine's mom died and dad is abusive--checkMan-whore hero--checkElana leaves Iowa for college in Florida to escape her alcoholic abusive father. She meets Jax in Art class. He invites her to a party. She sees him drag racin [...]

  • ★ WARNING ★Have you read or purchased Amazingly Broken, by Jordin Williams???If you have, you need to get a refund. If you haven't, dont!!Amazingly Broken has been removed from and BN due to plagerism. I'm so shocked that anybody would have the brass neck to do this and think they'd get away with it. There are some truly warped minds out there. Anyhow, huge chunks of text from Tamara Webber's 'Easy' and Jamie McGuire's 'Beautiful Disaster' can be found in Amazingly Broken, and Jordin Willia [...]

  • Because i wanted to be fair i read the whole book, even though by the 13th chapter i had already an opinion.How can i say this??The story for the first chapters seemed forced and boringI am sorry to say this, because of the trouble it might took to write and publish this book, but it's a bad copy paste of 'Beautiful Disaster'.And i am not talking about some similarities only, i am talking about part of this book that was actually 99% copy paste from 'Beautiful Disaster' by Jamie Mcguire!Referrin [...]

  • Why is this book even on GR after it was taken down? It contains verified plagiarized content from at least two novels and is a copy of a fanfic also containing the plagiarized portions.teresamummert/1/post/2arauthor/book-reviews/thMerged review:dearauthor/book-reviews/thJust appalling behavior by one author to another. Except a plagiarist isn't an author but a thiefA Twitter has gone, have taken down book.

  • Reader Beware:This book is plagiarized from Tammara Webber's Easy and Jamie McGuire's Beautiful Disaster. This article proves some of the passages that were copied word for wordarauthor/book-reviews/thteresamummert/1/post/2teresamummert/uploads/

  • Hey guys, do not buy this book. Apparently, Jordin Williams plagiarized Tamara Weber's book "Easy" and also "Beautiful Disaster" by Jamie McGuire. If you want to see the proofs, just visit this link.Not cool, Williams. Definitely not cool.Edit:It's not only that there is plagiarism, but the fact that Drums please A GHOSTWRITER WROTE IT!Like, what the actual f*ck?! Seriously? You, Jordin Williams, have no shame and no respect for us readers. NONE. I wish you get sued! Re-Edit:Look, people, look! [...]

  • I never ever had to rate a book without reading it first and I've never rated a book based on the author's behavior. But I will make an exception this time. PLAGIARISM is a serious OFFENSE. One that shouldn't be tolerated. It's not fair to the readers and it's not fair to the authors whose work were plagiarized. Shame on you. Here's a link to a blogpost which clearly showed this author plagiarizing Tamara Webber's book Easy and Beautiful Disaster by Jaime McGuire. dearauthor/book-reviews/th You [...]

  • dearauthor/book-reviews/thPlagiarism! and probably Copyright Infringement!I usually don't jump on the Drama Train, but this is F'D up!! Please report this to amazon. Things like this can't go on.

  • GREAT CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT, CHARACTERS OVERCOMING THEIR DEMONS, FALLING IN LOVE, GREAT DIALOGUE, and NO CLIFFHANGER!5 STARSSo I was lucky enough to be beta read this book and all I have to say is that it was AMAZING! I just read Easy and then got to read this book. They are both awesome and about the same length. What I really LOVE about this bookARACTER DEVELOPMENT - So many books are lacking this but Jordin does a great job. We get to learn a lot about each character throughout the entire boo [...]

  • Plagiarism is wrong. Do not support it. Stolen passages from Easy and Beautiful Disaster. dearauthor/book-reviews/thMore info on this Plagiarism scheme: word.officeve/wv/WordVFor my personal info: Stay away from these authors and groups just encase! Better safe than sorry!Jordin WilliamsLiz ThomasEmily CurranBeth KleinEmma BuchSexy RomanceBooksy Cup Freebies and Bargains

  • Plagiarism by an Author! That's such a shame! Plagiarism by anyone is a shame but this is just messed up. Why would you even do that? And then instead of coming out clean and apologizing sincerely, you give us these lame ghostwriter excuses. Do NOT buy Amazingly Broken by Jordin Williams. If you've bought it, return it! Parts of it was copied directly from Easy and Beautiful Disaster. Read the whole article for more detailsarauthor/ok-reviews/the-

  • WARNING: This author has ripped off both Easy and Beautiful DisasterCheck out the comparison. dearauthor/book-reviews/th

  • I am going to put this on blast because I am so unbelievable livid that the author Jordin B Williams not only did something reprehensible, but also sent me an email and asked me for a shout out for getting in the top 1,000 on and Barnes & Noble. Well no shit of course you did, you plagiarized two hard working best selling authors. Oh wait that wasn’t you; it was your “ghostwriter”. This is me rolling my eyes at your audacity, you want to have a ghostwriter that’s fine, but when you [...]

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