Watcher of the Dead

Watcher of the Dead In the frigid wasteland of the north Raif Sevrance Watcher of the Dead has endured many trials to lay claim to the renowned sword known as Loss But the price of wielding the legendary weapon is hig

  • Title: Watcher of the Dead
  • Author: J.V. Jones
  • ISBN: 9781841491608
  • Page: 215
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In the frigid wasteland of the north, Raif Sevrance, Watcher of the Dead, has endured many trials to lay claim to the renowned sword known as Loss But the price of wielding the legendary weapon is high, and Raif is unsure if he is willing to pay it Ash Marsh, Daughter of the Sull, still struggles to come to terms with her heritage, and the knowledge that the Watcher, armIn the frigid wasteland of the north, Raif Sevrance, Watcher of the Dead, has endured many trials to lay claim to the renowned sword known as Loss But the price of wielding the legendary weapon is high, and Raif is unsure if he is willing to pay it Ash Marsh, Daughter of the Sull, still struggles to come to terms with her heritage, and the knowledge that the Watcher, armed with Loss, could be the one who will save the Sull, or end them Raina Blackhail, widow of a murdered ruler and wife of his brutal successor, has seen her clan disgraced and has, herself, taken up the mantle of chief But there are enemies both beyond her gates and within And in the murky swamps of the Stillwater, two children will learn the secrets of the Marsh clan Secrets so old they threaten everything

    • Watcher of the Dead J.V. Jones
      215 J.V. Jones
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    Julie Victoria Jones was born in Liverpool, England She has been writing for years, and is currently working The End Lords She lives in San Diego, California.All three books in The Book Of Words Trilogy are 1 national bestsellers, and have been bought for publication in England, Poland, Russia, Germany, France and Holland Her fifth book, A Cavern of Black Ice, is the first in a new series.J.V enjoys cooking, gardening, reading, playing RPG s, watching old black and white movies, and pottering around the house


  • OverviewIt definitely annoys me that J.V. Jones doesn't have a larger catalogue of books to read. She's superb. I think her writing ability and storytelling style compare to that of George R. R. Martin; she's that good. It's also sad that her output seems to be slowing down with these last few books. I'm always extremely impressed with the amount of research that goes into her books. She doesn't do the obnoxious Crichton breakdown of sources, but I wouldn't be surprised if hers would compare in [...]

  • The highly anticipated first book in this series in which the title does not contain the word ice, follows the events of Sword from Red Ice in much the same manner.I love this series but I’m afraid that it has fallen into the trap so many other ‘epic’ fantasy authors have in thinking that introducing us to a myriad of characters, a vast amount of landscape and injecting a heavy dose of politics is the way to go.Watcher of the Dead is better than Sword from Red Ice, but is still bogged down [...]

  • JV Jones is one of those writers who gets better with every book. Her earlier series were good but didn’t leave a lasting impression. The Sword of Shadows series is different, and Watcher of the Dead, the fourth book, particularly so. From the moment I picked it up, I struggled to put it down. And it’s all because of the awesome characters. Within the series there is an overarching plot about the Endlords escaping their prison in the Blind and destroying the world. But within this, each of t [...]

  • I just love this series. It's one excellent book after another. I love all the characters and all the storylines. Jones has become one of my favourite authors. Her writing is really good and the world is very interesting. Details and events stick to your memory. Although I waited before I read Watcher of the Dead (because the next book isn't published yet), I didn't forget anything and that doesn't happen to me often. The only bad thing is that now I have to wait. I hope the next book comes out [...]

  • Reduced length was good, doing something on Raif as a character also (as much as I appreciate whining, there is a limit), some things actually happen, and the new ranger side of things is interesting.But overall Not a satisfying read. It leaves you hungry. Doesn't feed us like it is supposed to. The part with the Ash at the end made me wtf. I dunno. JV Jones definitely has potential and I will probably read whatever she comes up next, but I sincerely hope it wont be such a drag. That it becomes [...]

  • A fourth and then a fifth book in what I'd hoped to be a trilogy, but the story telling remains thoroughly enjoyable with little xxx (some but not much) which is not, as far as I can tell, significant. The genuine difficulty I had, and yes I could have chased this one down sooner after publication, was forgetting the detail from previous books, reducing the depth of the characters and making some of the plot intricacies confusing. I continue to be compelled to read these books, although the char [...]

  • I started this about a year or so after finishing the 3rd part. I really like writing style of JV Jones and it was nice to get a " story so far " synopsis. Instantly got back into the story and the characters. There are some major developments with some the characters.Raif's storyline takes a new and even more difficult direction.Vaylo Bludd is at odds with his son and the leadership of his clan. I also liked getting more details of Angus Loks past and they way his character develops thought thi [...]

  • Hmm! There were a couple of small things that I had predicted would happen, mainly that Ash would get pregnant (I mean come on, she couldn't have gratuitous unprotected sex every single night and not get knocked up). One thing that did surprise me was the appearance of Mallia right at the end! I was so glad she arrived to give Raif some company (and some loving, he bloody well deserves it after everything he's been through). I must confess, I shed a few tears when Addie was dying. I didn't like [...]

  • This series is complex, with lots of moving parts. Normally I re-read early books before reading the latest in a series, and I strongly recommend doing that here. I wasn't able to, and the provided "What has gone before" summary was limited (and seemed to lose steam half-way through its few pages). You can jump straight in, but it takes a while to remember and re-orient.Watcher of the Dead is a straightforward continuation of the series. We learn more about our hero Raif, and, separately, his en [...]

  • Summary: The continuing story of the rise of the 'dark/end lords' and the preparations being made for the 'final battle'. The story continues not much has substantially changed by the end of the book. It's starting to get a bit boring. Things I liked: Some of the characters are still pretty interesting e.g. Riana, Vallo (dog lord). The author seems remembers to add details about hunting and survival that I think adds to the atmosphere of the setting. Kid characters have a distinct voice. Things [...]

  • Another enjoyable book in a captivating series. I really like the characters. The story seems to have lost a little cohesion in this book in terms of tying in the strife in the clan-holds and the widening in the rift back to the change in Surlords at Spire Vanis. Also, what is going to happen to Angus Lok to bring him back into the main thread of the story?I guess these questions will be answered in the next book which I assume will tie off the series. Interesting to see that this book was publi [...]

  • I waited with bated breathe for this book as I was less than satisfied with A Sword From Red Ice. On the whole I was happier with the plot movement; my favourites were the POV of Raif and Effie. A bit of resoultion and change occurred. The reader can sense the hand of the Phage aligning the clans in the North. The multiple POV's make this all clear if they serve no other purpose. I hope the next book sees a fitting culmination of the series; the author became somewhat bogged down given the scale [...]

  • A big improvement over "A Sword from Red Ice". Jones is finally moving things into place to finish out this excellent series. Unfortunately, she's fallen into the traditional trap of the epic fantasy author: there are simply too many characters, too many storylines, and far too much meandering to keep the series as engaging as it was back in Books 1 and (especially) 2. I'd almost recommend reading just those chapters pertaining to the once main character, Raif Severance, as his storyline is exce [...]

  • First I felt she dragged out Raifs personal developmento too much. I dont mind dark and sad plots. But I enjoyed identity struggling whiny Raif rather than the tortured soul she seems to be directed him towards. I really dislike Ash as a character and her plot is bland. But I enjoy the phage introduction and the clan politics. Angus Lok has a.unclear plot development. But I must saymething happens. It either better written or better edited and it is shorter. Almost too short. There just isnt a c [...]

  • J.V. is getting better and better with every book. Her command of the written word is still evolving: she has clearly progressed beyond the mainstream fantasy crowd, however one can feel her over-reaching in a couple of instances. This volume had a simpler, cleaner storyline than the previous installments. A bit on the short side, given the 2,5 year wait and the current standards of epic fantasy book lengths. Still, it is a masterful piece of storytelling. The now familiar characters remain comp [...]

  • Could have been a great book If anything happened in it. Let's see Raif gets tortured some more, continuing his general slide into a depressingly black state, Ash gets mentioned twice in the whole book Annnnnd a whole lot of nothing happens. This series is starting to drag.

  • The author's writing is absolutely beautiful, and really brings the reader into the story. Unfortunately Jones does have a tendency to move the plot along very slowly, so fans of the series will most likely enjoy this book but may, like me, be ready for the plot to move a bit faster.

  • This fourth book in the Sword of Shadows series continues to advance the dark fantasy story that used to be promoted by TOR Publishing as another Song of Ice and Fire. Like Martin, however, the pace of new releases has become unbearable for fans of Jones (see below for more an update regarding expectations for the release of the next book in the series). The first two books of the series wowed me with the intense emotion and absolutely brutal treatment of some of the most sympathetic characters [...]

  • Raif Sevrance is in possession of the sword known as Loss. Unfortunately, he is also the 'guest' of a renegade group of Sull, who are determined to use him and his abilities for their own ends. Elsewhere, Ash March finds herself in the heart of Sull territory, knowing she will find in them her greatest alliesor her greatest danger. War continues to rage in the clanholds, with the armies of Blackhail, Bludd and Dhoone converging as Gandmiddich for a climactic showdown. In Spire Vanis the new surl [...]

  • Jones continues the story with mounting tension and dread. Endlords and endgame in sight. I'm desperate for the next book.

  • So, I finally got around to finishing "Watcher of the Dead", J.V. Jones' fourth entry into the "Sword of Shadows" series. Considering the amount of time she is taking to release book five, I feel like I'm well ahead of schedule. I actually delayed reading this one in hopes of not having to wait too long to get book five in hand. That, however, is neither here nor there. "Watcher of the Dead" is a great read. J.V. Jones is as good a fantasy writer as anyone out there today. "Watcher" has some ten [...]

  • So far this has been a reasonably good series, with an interesting world and plot and some good characterisation. I had felt that the third book in the series was a bit slow-paced, with not a huge amount of importance happening in its 700+ pages. Book 4 does improve the pacing, although it can still be criticised a bit for lack of plot progression - most characters in the book have their story arc advance another step and there are some reasonable interim conclusions to their storylines in this [...]

  • 3.4 / 5 ?7.3 / 10 ?Certainly my favorite installment of the series so farI have read them all one after another, so they are kind of blurring together aside from a sense that they were improving in their writing gradually,and that this 4th book has some things happen that, let's just say, the reader has probably been waiting to happen throughout the entire series, but might have been giving up hope of at such a late point (4.5 books in!?!)Check plus on building up suspense & whatnot even if [...]

  • My only complaint is that Ms. Jones doesn't write more and faster. This book is a pleasure to read. It flows effortlessly and is actually a very quick read. The writer takes her time developing each character and either does a lot of research or has an excellent research assistant. She knows what she is writing about. There is nothing in this book or series that I have found not believable.It is actually my 2nd time reading this book as I am at in that non-enviable position of not being able to [...]

  • What a shame that it's taken until the fourth book for me to really get into this series and it looks like the author hasn't written any more yet. Having finally accepted that there are going to be a lot of characters and a lot of short chapters that don't necessarily move the plot along, I found I could relax into the story and enjoy the reading.There's a few anachronisms that leapt out and spoilt the rhythm, the worst being something being described as sounding like a shot! Of an arrow? I don' [...]

  • This is book four in a well-written epic fantasy series. The world is detailed and interesting, but there is almost a bit much going on. Each book has 6 or more different points of view and as some characters are inevitably more interesting than others I found myself rushing some sections to get back the characters I enjoyed most. Also the actions of some characters didn't ring true for me, particularly Angus Lok choosing not to look for his daughter. I am glad that the female characters are fin [...]

  • I told myself, "Self, don't pick this one up yet. She's going to yank you around some more and not tie a damn thing up again. So wait until the next book comes out so you're not left pissed and antsy again." And I was right. Enough already. Move Raif and Ash's plot forward. I get that he had to utterly break and become Watcher of the Dead, but that could have been done a couple hundred pages ago. Too many characters. I can't stop reading because I want to know what happens to Raif and Ash, and t [...]

  • J.V. Jones is a brilliant author and masterful storyteller. This fourth volume in the Sword of Shadows series continues a story arc that, originally, I thought was going to be contained in 3 books. This continues to be the only mild complaint I have, and it's not even really a complaint -- I want more of the story, but I also want to read the climax of the series.My favorite parts of this installment were the chapters with Raina Blackhail, my favorite character in the series by far, particularly [...]

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