What If

What If What if you had a second chance to meet someone for the first time Cal Logan is shocked to see Nicole Bentley sitting across from him at a coffee shop thousands of miles from their hometown After all

  • Title: What If
  • Author: Rebecca Donovan
  • ISBN: 9780141355900
  • Page: 108
  • Format: Paperback
  • What if you had a second chance to meet someone for the first time Cal Logan is shocked to see Nicole Bentley sitting across from him at a coffee shop thousands of miles from their hometown After all, no one has seen or heard from her since they graduated over a year ago Except this girl isn t Nicole.She looks exactly like Cal s shy childhood crush, but her name is NyellWhat if you had a second chance to meet someone for the first time Cal Logan is shocked to see Nicole Bentley sitting across from him at a coffee shop thousands of miles from their hometown After all, no one has seen or heard from her since they graduated over a year ago Except this girl isn t Nicole.She looks exactly like Cal s shy childhood crush, but her name is Nyelle Preston and she has no idea who he is This girl is impulsive and daring, her passion for life infectious The complete opposite of Nicole Cal finds himself utterly fascinated and falling hard But Nyelle is also extremely secretive And the closer he comes to finding out what she s hiding, the less he wants to know.When the secrets from the past and present collide, one thing becomes clear Nothing is what it seems.

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    Optimism seeps from every pore of my body I truly believe that what s supposed to happen will In that regard, I don t know how to give up it s not part of my biological make up.I m a passionate and some would say, overly enthusiastic person I learn by doing and have been burned times that I d like to admit , but I will always throw my entire self into whatever I do fail or succeed I think this is evident when I write, leaving nothing behind and spilling it all out on the pages I give it all to my readers love it or hate it The path I m on is very often my own, veering off the beaten path at the sight of something interesting or captivating, getting caught in the vines and thorns in order to experience the beauty and intrigue others often pass by And I always meet the most interesting people along the way


  • This is a story of friendship, love, and self-discovery woven together in an intricate tale that'll keep you guessing as you read. I don't want to to tell you much about it though because I feel that the excitement of reading this book comes from discovering the story as you go so I'm just going to tell you thisThis story is about Cal and the mysterious woman who changes his life. He is shocked to see Nicole, his childhood crush, one day in a coffee shop on campus. No one had seen or heard from [...]

  • *arc provided per publisher via Netgalley in exchange for honest review*So this is one of those books that is difficult to review and rate for me. I start by stating I am blown away by this author and her writing style. This story is very unique and told through multiple POV’s that shift from childhood memories to present context. This is story of friendships and connections that no matter time or space have powerful impacts on the main characters.That being said, something about the tale seem [...]

  • What if this book was fast paced.What if this book was a not in Cal's POV.What if this book wasn't too longI would have liked this book.This book was hard one for me to review. It's not that I hated it. No. Not at all. I didn't hate this book, but I didn't quite like it either.The BIG SECRET was a big let down for me. It didn't satisfy me at all.I would have thought it was something REALLY BIG. and would really WOW me. The secret was built up so much, that when it was revealed I was like not too [...]

  • A New Book By REBECCA DONOVAN??? Hell yeah, Sign me up!! She's on my MUST READ ALWAYS list ;) Love her!

  • This is really a story of a group of four friends who grew upd apart from each other and what's happening in their lives. How perceived "slights" weren't slights at all. And what the heck? Why not throw in a love story too. This book had me hooked from the get go. I fell for Cal hard especially because he is sooo taken by Nyelle. He just can't get enough! Nyelle is very intriguinge's a free spirit for sure. But her activities were so interesting and fun! I couldn't fault Cal for going along and [...]

  • The Breathing Series will always always always always hold a special place in my heart!!I will always hate that bitch of an Aunt, forever.Can't wait to read more by Miss. Donovan!!What If seems to have a great plot going for it xD NEED IT NOW, ASAP!!!What if you had a second chance to meet someone for the first time?*goosebumps*

  • ***Kindly provided by the publisher for an honest review***This was absolutely amazing! I can't form coherent thoughts at the moment, but oh my damn. What a pleasant surprise, filled with many heartfelt and emotional momentsllowed by heart pounding and sexy steamy times. Cal was a hero to swoon over and I absolutely loved his voice. I loved that he was the narrator most of this story and then we see a different pov from the past. Wow, I'm astounded. It was nothing what I expected. It was so much [...]

  • What If I’d never read What If?I would never have felt my heart break into small piecesI would never have experienced this pure flawless perfection of writingI would never have cried for Nyelle and CalI would never have cried for Richelle, Nicole and RaeI would not have experienced the inspirational beauty found in this storyI would not have experienced this strong connection of loveI would not have been part of a journey of finding out who you truly are“Do you ever wish you could do somethi [...]

  • Right now I am thinking "what if" my daughter never introduced me to this extraordinarily talented author? If she hadn't, I would be missing out on the most incredible and emotional novels that grab you from word one and never let go. I fell in love with Cal and Nyelle. Well heck, there isn't a character in this book I didn't love. To say anything more would be giving away spoilers. Just do yourself a favor and read "What If" and if you haven't already, put on your list to read her "Breathe" thr [...]

  • Release date 16 September 2014It sounds so good. When the secrets from the past and present collide, one thing becomes clear: Nothing is what it seems.Very excited to be getting a new story from Rebecca Donovan. I always know there'll be major.g my way!Can't wait!

  • i am torn on the rating, because on one hand, i loved the writing. but on the other, i'm thinking WTF because i wasn't a fan of the writing despite how genius it was. i will admit i was tempted to wave the white flag and DNF this several times because the beginning is super extra slow despite all that is going on. it actually felt pretty irrelevant to the progression of the story, but it makes sense eventually the end of the book, the author makes a request to the readers to not spoil anything f [...]

  • WellHUM WHAT DO I THINK? I didn't like it, but it's probably a "it's me not you" sort of deal. It had a lot of intrigue and "BUT WHAT AND WHY AND HOW" questions that definitely keep me turning pages. But the characters were woefully flat and immature, and I didn't connect on any level. I basically didn't care. For me, it was more aptly titled What If People Communicated And Acted Like Adults WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE:-The narrator, Cal, was as interesting as a paper plate. He's not particularly awesome [...]

  • 3.5 starsI loved Rebecca Donovan's breathing series so of course as soon as I heard about her new stand alone novel What If I knew I had to read it. She has created another emotional story with great characters and I'm sure her fans will love this novel.This is actually a really hard book to review though, not because I didn't enjoy it but because I would hate to spoil it for anyone so I'm going to keep this deliberately vague. What If is a story about friendships, it introduces readers to four [...]

  • When I pick a book up by Rebecca Donovan, you can guarantee that my day will be cancelled. I Will do absolutely nothing but sit and not just read, but live the book. She manages to drain me of just about every emotion possible, just in the course of one novel.As much as I love reading her books, I hate when it comes time to review them because what could I possibly say that would even come close to explaining this authors talent? Even the word "talent" itself doesn't seem enough.What If just ble [...]

  • 4 Frustrating StarsWhat If was a very difficult read for me. I’m still reeling on how I feel. There’s plenty of ups and downs and all arounds. All I can say is that if you want a bumping ride, intense book, frustrating, pull-your-hair-out, just scream book, then THISR.YOUIntroductionYou know that movie, Sweet November? Where the girl meets a guy and changes his life upside down by just being fun and free spirited? What If is kind of like that and no, she doesn’t get cancer and die.Cal had [...]

  • Cal Logan hasn’t been able to get his mind off one of the girls he grew up with – Nicole Bentley. They used to be close but Nicole left him behind for a new set of friends. When Nicole enrols at Harvard and no-one sees or hears from her, Cal can’t get his mind off of her. But one night at a party, he meets a girl who looks exactly like Nicole except this girl doesn’t act like the Nicole he knew. Gone is the shy person and instead Nyelle is outgoing and strangely addictive. The more time [...]

  • Often times you read books and love them but rarely do you read a book that touches your soul. For me, What If, is one of those unique books. I not only loved this story, but it left me pondering my own life and relationships with those around me. This book unfolds like a symphony; there are multiple layers and in order to fully appreciate it, you must experience the entire piece. I had no idea of the direction it was headed throughout most of the book, and that is the beauty of it. There are ma [...]

  • I love me some mystery. Especially the ones where you can't flip the pages fast enough. However, this book was just too slow for me that I almost did not finish it but I was determined to unravel the mystery hoping for the best. Unfortunately, the build up leading to the revelation was just mediocre. The flashbacks were a bit of a let down and confusing as there were too many characters. Honestly, I ended up not caring too much about the flashbacks and the present story. I just wanted the big re [...]

  • This is a gripping story about friendship and love and how sometimes friends become much more important in our lives than our own families. It is also a novel about loss and the fact that we really need to seize the day, write our bucket list and start fulfilling all our wishes RIGHT NOW!If you want to see my bucket list click here : theleisurediaries

  • I worked with Rebecca on this story from start to finish! Believe it or not, even though we've worked on three books together, that's a first! I love, love, LOVE this story. I missed the characters when we finished the writing stage. I fell in love with at least 4 of them. This story has it all: angst, sweetness, heart-tugging sadness and joy! I think you're all going to love it too!

  • What an interesting story. It had a unique plot I don't recall ever reading before. This group of 4 friends were so endearing, I especially liked how the chapters switched from past to present. The entire book kept me on edge and every time I thought I had it figured out BOOM! another twist! I'm so glad it had a HEA, I think I would have gone on a hunger strike if not. Lol!

  • Konusunu hiç bilmeden, hikayesi hakkında hiçbir fikrim olmadan, kapağını çok severek aldım. Sadece ikinci şansı anlattığını biliyordum. Arka kapak yazısında da hiçbir bilgi vermiyor kitap. Bütün bu belirsizliklere rağmen çok beğendim. Kapağını gördüğümde hissettiğim sıcacık duygular, kitap bittiğinde de devam ediyordu. İçi de dışı gibi yani. 😃 Konusundan bahsedilmemesi, yazarın kitabın arkasındaki özel isteği. Bu yüzden çok detay veremesem de karak [...]

  • As a huge fan of the Breathing series, I was thrilled to see that Rebecca Donovan was releasing the novel What If. She is one of my go-to authors, where I don't even have to read the synopsis or know what it's about before starting the book. I know I'm going to love it!What If is the story of 4 childhood best friends - Cal, Rae, Richelle and Nicole. Cal is the only boy amongst the 3 girls, who each have their own special relationship with him. Rae is his best friend, the person he talks to every [...]

  • Parliamo questa volta di un romanzo Standalone, che possiamo far rientrare nella categoria Young Adult. Anche se, secondo me, alla Donovan le categorie stanno strette, non la si può mai incasellare in parametri fissi, lei tende a spostarli. Io direi che questa volta non possiamo parlare di un vero e proprio romanzo, dove il perno centrale è la storia d'amore, si parla anche di amicizia, e soprattutto di una seconda possibilità o almeno io così l'ho visto. Da qui il titolo in inglese, che, a [...]

  • The NA genre is a hard one for me. I use to love it and read every single thing released and then I think I got burned out on it and I found it harder and harder to really love what I was finding.Very rarely (and sadly) do I pick one up anymore and expect to get a truly unique story and to be blown away by not only my love for the characters but the intricately woven plot line as well. Donovan managed to do just that. She blew me away. Not only was this well written by the mystery behind everyth [...]

  • My heart, it bleeds. That was good. Need to process before review. UPDATE-What If is a story of mystery and intrigue. The type of book that you need to go into blind. The synopsis is vague but makes you want to know more. What you get instead is not anything what you expected. I know that What If will not be leaving me anytime soon. The whole time while reading I kept asking myself, what's going on? And why can't I make any guesses as to what will happen? The book is gorgeously written and takes [...]

  • Yes! Another favorite from Rebecca Donovan! :)Cal Logan sees his childhood friend, Nicole Bentley, thousands of miles from home. Except this girl's name is Nyelle Preston. Is she Nicole or Nyelle? What happened to Nicole? As they spend more and more time together, their relationship grows. Cal and Nyelle are so adorable, sweet, and good for each other. Once the truth is revealed, will their relationship survive? Fascinating, intriguing, and surprising story. I love Cal. He's one of those best bo [...]

  • Rebecca Donovan signe encore une fois un très beau roman, au message fort et émouvant. Malgré quelques petites longueurs, Et si se lit très facilement et de manière très fluide. On s'attache très vite aux personnages à la personnalité bien définie. Il y a un côté très mystérieux à ce livre qui nous pousse à avancer et à découvrir le pourquoi du comment.Je me suis énormément identifée à Nyelle et à ses aspirations personnelles. Parfois, les gens attendent de nous que nous s [...]

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