Gladden the Heart

Gladden the Heart When you have experienced the Holy Ghost as I have you would see that it is difficult to turn back When the lively fervor of nineteenth century revivalism endangers the staid customs of the Amish com

  • Title: Gladden the Heart
  • Author: Olivia Newport
  • ISBN: 9781683221104
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Paperback
  • When you have experienced the Holy Ghost as I have, you would see that it is difficult to turn back When the lively fervor of nineteenth century revivalism endangers the staid customs of the Amish community in the lush but rugged Kishacoquillas Valley of central Pennsylvania in 1847, the Amish church must deal with a divisive question What is a genuine spiritual expe When you have experienced the Holy Ghost as I have, you would see that it is difficult to turn back When the lively fervor of nineteenth century revivalism endangers the staid customs of the Amish community in the lush but rugged Kishacoquillas Valley of central Pennsylvania in 1847, the Amish church must deal with a divisive question What is a genuine spiritual experience The question turns personal when Susanna s beloved cousin Noah begins preaching while under trances and even though he is not a minister he gives long sermons that attract increasing attention Curious, she helps to keep Noah safe during his trances At the same time Adam, Susanna s intended, feels pressure from the bishop to speak out against the ways of revivalism Susanna and Adam are pushed to opposite sides of a controversy that threatens their traditional Amish faith Now they must grapple with whether love is possibleeven if they come to different conclusions When Noah goes missing at a time of day when he often preaches while asleep, circumstances thrust community members with divergent opinions into a crisis that demands they recognize the humanity they share regardless of beliefs But can strong held opinions be softened by the truths that shape their lives More in the Amish Turns of Time Series Wonderful LonesomeMeek and MildBrightest and Best Hope in the Land

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    Hello I m imagining you You walk past as I water my front flowerbeds and we wave You check the time as we both stand in a long line at the grocery store You sit in front of me in church I m at my table in the coffee shop and you re at yours.We may smile politely and move on with our separate lives Or one of us may speak, a simple invitation to conversation, and the words flow between us.Here the adventure begins When we meet someone new, we never know where it might lead.I ve been married for over thirty years and have two twenty something kids We live in stunning Colorado at the foot of the Rockies, where the day lilies in my back yard grow as tall as I am No short jokes, please Not every piece of my life is pretty, though Some days I want to throw out whole chunks But I am living each day looking for the grace of God to me, in me, and through me Having your companionship along the way will help uncover a lot of great stories.


  • Gladden The Heart is the number 5 book in the Amish Turns Of Time series.This takes place in the rugged Kishacoquillas Valley of central Pennsylvania in 1847. This book is based on true facts the author discovered while doing research for her books. Back in the day they were called the "sleeping preachers". Noah in this book falls unconscious at regular intervals and preaches almost on a daily basis. When he awakens he has no memory of preaching or what he has done. This worries his family membe [...]

  • What a thought-provoking book. Immediately after finishing Gladden the Heart by Olivia Newport, I wanted to go back and read certain sections again because they gave me much to mull over in my own heart.There are many things I really enjoyed about Gladden the Heart.-Being a descendant of a prolific Methodist circuit rider/preacher myself, I found Charles Baxton to be completely fascinating.-His daughter Patsy and I are kindred spirits, as I feel certain that she too wanted to purse whomp Bishop [...]

  • I enjoyed this book very much!! I love reading the history of the Amish and how they came fo this country just like the English did for various reasonsI think what drew me to this particular book was at a time when the revival meetings started. I have attended a few rivals myself and I love them.I liked how they all came together to help the one in need. I didn't like however how some ppl treated an individual just because he was "different". I think Gladden the Heart means to accept Jesus in yo [...]

  • I loved reading this book of Amish history! The characters are written so well that they became a part of life! This is the first book of this series that I have read, but not the first read by Olivia Newport. The nineteenth century revivalism endangers the customs of the Amish community in the Kishacoquillas Valley of central Pennsylvania in 1847 causing the Amish church to deal with the question of a genuine spiritual experience. It becomes personal to Susanna when her cousin, Noah, begins pre [...]

  • This is the first book in this series that I have read and I hope that after going back and reading the others in this series, that I can enjoy this one more. That said, this was not a bad book. Ms. Newport chisels her characters well, and the backdrop of the story is vividly created. Susanna and Adam’s characters really tugged at my heart, but I just couldn’t get as deep into the story as I would have liked to have gotten. Something was missing. Or, perhaps, it was because I haven’t read [...]

  • MY REVIEW: This book is exciting and fresh! I have many, many Amish novels and the plots are usually very similar. Gladden the Heart presents a situation that I do not ever recall seeing in any of the works of Amish fiction that I've read. Noah is not a preacher, but begins preaching while in trances and his wife seeks to keep him safe during these times. The community is divided over this unusual thing and Adam is against it, while his girlfriend, Susanna, approves of Noah's preaching and helps [...]

  • What a run of emotions this story has, and is it against the Amish faith, you will be wondering as you quickly turn the pages to get to the answers.The author has placed the setting of this book in 1847 Pennsylvania, the early times in this country, and a time when Amish lived pretty much as everyone else, except maybe for their clothing.I did some research and found that this “Spirit preaching” has actually happened, and this is what has happened in this book to Noah Kaufman. The story revo [...]

  • When Noah begins preaching while under trances, the Amish community is at odds on how to handle it. The Bishop thinks it's against the Amish law, the English think it is something they have seen before and the close family members know it is not Noah pretending to preach to get attention. This story had a very strong spiritual theme and I enjoyed learning more about the beliefs of the Amish and the Methodist's at that time. There is a little romance but it helped show how difference of opinions [...]

  • I finished this book this am. What started out as a slow book turned into an excellent read. it a story about the Amish in early days and some of the conflicts they encountered during a time when evangelicals were on the street circuit. It's not a typical bonnet book but is rich in history of how a few Amish men would fall into a trance and preach several hours and then to wake up and not remember it. I was given a copy of this book but not required to review it.

  • Kish Valley, Pennsylvania 1847Susanna Hooley is a 21 year old Amish woman who is friends with Patsy Baxton, the daughter of Charles Baxton, a fiery Methodist revival preacher. They have been friends all their lives and are able to ignore or at least respect the differences between their faiths whilst still enjoying the common bond that they share. Susanna is being courted by Adam Yotter, who is the nephew of her next door neighbour. Life seems to be going along charmingly when Noah Kauffman, Sus [...]

  • Gladden the Heart by Olivia Newport is the fifth book in an Amish Turns of Time series. It is 1847 in Kishacoquillas Valley, Pennsylvania. Susanna Hooley lives on her family’s farm east of Lewistown, Pennsylvania. One Sunday after church, Susanna’s cousin Noah is not feeling well and then collapses. He then starts preaching and no one can get him to stop. Noah is a quiet man and who is not known for his sermons. After three hours of preaching, Noah collapses into a deep sleep. When Noah awak [...]

  • This was a difficult review to consider writing because when I get to a novel that I struggle to maintain focus on and dream of how much longer it would take to finish it so I can move on to something else, I have to take a step back and ask myself a few questions. What can I remember that I have read so far? Is it simply too much to take it for a reader at the beginning of a novel? Do I care what happens to any of these characters? Am I simply distracted from reading because of other things goi [...]

  • This is the part where I sit down and have no idea where to start. I really really liked this book. I can't say any one thing that stands out as just 'wow' or 'holy tomatoes batman' but it was a general wrap you up in life and tug you into something bigger than yourself but small enough to embrace one man completely. Of course, while upsetting the entire community. Noah was a average Amish man, with a pretty big secret, until one day he 'went under' just after church in full view of his communit [...]

  • Gladden the Heart by Olivia Newport, gives us a glimpse of the revivalism movement in America in 1847. When our story begins, Susanna Hooley is gathering roots and wildflowers to create dyes for fabric. In the clearing is a large tent for one of Reverend Braxton's revival meetings. The hot July afternoon brought a large crowd to hear her friend Patsy's father preaching a powerful message. Susanna's Amish community was not immune to the impassioned messages that poured from the good reverend's to [...]

  • Gladden the Heart is book five in the Amish Turns of Time series written by Olivia Newport. The story is based in central Pennsylvania in 1847. There is a Methodist tent revival taking place and some of the local Amish are curious and attend. Some of them start wondering what a true spiritual experience is.Shortly after the revival takes place, Susanna’s cousin, Noah, sleep preaches after their service. He has been doing this for some time but he and his wife have kept it a secret. After preac [...]

  • I've had a love/hate relationship with the Amish Turns of Time series and this book, the fourth installment, left me feeling flat. What sounded like an interesting story turned out to be not as well executed as it could have been. The premise of this story sounded very interesting to me: An Amish man who has "spells" and preaches even though he isn't a preacher or minister. The effect this has not only on his family but on the church district and the relationships between the Amish and their non [...]

  • "Gladden the Heart" by Olivia Newport is a historical Christian novel telling the tale Amish coming to this country. It is Book 5 in her "Amish Turns of Time" series but can easily be read as a stand alone. This 317 page paperback published by Barbour is not the typical Amish novel I am used to reading, but I really enjoyed it. Books that teach me something even though they are fiction are some of my favorites, and this book taught me many things.This is the tale of Susanna and Adam, a courting [...]

  • After reading the book I decided that I wanted to truly understand what "Gladden the Heart " meant . So I grabbed a dictionary online and found it to mean "make the heart happy". I know it was pretty simple for most of you to figure out, but I wanted to check a resource for myself. The story is complicated in the sense that The Amish beliefs and The Methodist beliefs are quite different . The story is set in the 1800s where The Amish did not want their people exposed to the preachings of other d [...]

  • This story has such a unique storyline, as you can tell from reading the summary. When I first read the summary I was intrigued, especially about Noah preaching while under a trance. This is not something I have ever heard of and couldn't wait to see how the author presented it. Not only that, but how the Amish community would respond. I know in the Amish communities of today, it is a big deal about who is allowed to preach and who isn't, and I imagine it would have been the same back then.The p [...]

  • Susanna and her older cousin, Noah, have been pretty close since she was a girl. But he has started acting strangely of late. He, and Susanna, are Amish, a people known for their quiet, simple devotion. But in church one Sunday, Noah stands up and starts preaching repentance like the local fiery Methodist preacher. He doesn't respond when asked to stop, and eventually stops, hours later with no recollection of his preaching. The Amish community is dumbfounded, Susanna, Noah, and their friends st [...]

  • Gladden the HeartAmish Turns of TimeBy Olivia NewportSusanna Hooley's life in Kishacoquillas Valley, Pennsylvania, 1847, is about to get a whole lot more difficult. The Amish church is curious and yet wary of the Methodist tent revival meeting going on in their midst. And Susanna is just as curious as anyone, but there are some lines not meant to be crossed and stepping into the tent is one of those lines, even if the Reverand Baxton and his daughter Patsy have been friends with many of the comm [...]

  • GLADDEN THE HEART (AMISH TURNS OF TIME#5) OLIVIA NEWPORTGladden the Heart is book #5 of Amish Turns of Time series, written by Olivia Newport. It is a story of danger, rescue reconciliation, forgiveness and faith.It is 1847, and in the Kishacoquillas Valley, located in Central Pennsylvania, the Methodist have set up tent revivals in the Amish community. These tent revivals are not like the church services of the Amish. There is lots of lively singing of hymns, preaching, and altar calls. Some of [...]

  • MY THOUGHTS Back when this novel took place was in the 1800's, the Amish weren't looked upon as different like they are now. I believe because we are so used to all the conveniences, the clothing, the attitude and with so many straying from the faith that back then was held so dear. I love reading Amish books and this one was a historical Amish read. I was very interested by the history in the book. I remember reading about revivals that were held in tents and even today there are revivals held [...]

  • This is, to my knowledge, the first book I have read by this author. It's the first book I have read in this series. It was a tad slow, but still well worth reading. I appreciate that it covers a topic that still confuses people today, even though this was back in the 1800's. Susanna and her family are Amish, so they have quite an issue on their hands when her cousin starts sleep preaching.Let's talk about this for a moment. This person, in this case, Noah is asleep. Just like sleepwalking, only [...]

  • Gladden the Heart was a book that focuses on change. Change is hard to accept but this change is a good change.The Amish community living in the Kishacoquillas Valley are being exposed to Methodist teaching. It is different from what they have learned. Susanna is one of the Amish living in this community. She has heard some of the Methodist teaching and she is curious. When her Amish cousin, Noah, falls asleep he begins to preach beautifully powerful Methodist sermons. Noah does this in front of [...]

  • Reviewed at The Power of Words: bit/2usofOjGladden the Heart has a different feel than a lot of Amish fiction as it draws inspiration from real-life historical events and explores the “what if” aspect. I’ve always enjoyed reading about the circuit-riding preachers and evangelistic meetings of the 1800s, and Olivia Newport does a great job of bringing this era to life. While there is some romance, it takes a back seat to the historical themes and conflict within the Amish community.Noah spo [...]

  • What a nice change to read an Amish novel where they're only TWENTY years behind the fashion of the day instead of 200! Once again, Olivia Newport's thorough research has given her readers an interesting peak into American religious history in this fifth book of her "Amish Turns of Time" series. I loved this story of loyalties examined, and the power of the Holy Spirit to work wonders. I don't know which relationship I enjoyed the most - the long-term friendship across cultures between Susanna a [...]

  • Gladden the Heart brings to mind lots of thoughts for me. The historical piece, the love and the faith were so strong that I was floating through the valley of this story.Susanna is willing to show love and faith by believing and being there for Noah. Risking her relationship with Adam and putting her family in a pickle. She shows true strength in her ability to handle moments that were terrifically scary. Susanna focused on her love for God and her family to get through the tough times. Though [...]

  • I have very mixed feelings about “Gladden the Heart”. It has an intriguing and unique plot that is filled with quite a few very interesting events. Unfortunately I did find it to move along at a snail’s pace and I had difficulty connecting with its many characters. I will also admit that my difficulty reading it may have just been a matter of timing and could have an entirely different opinion if I picked it up again at another time. The author’s skill is excellent and I found no real co [...]

  • Gladden the Heart by Olivia Newport is a poignant look at the Amish history in mid-1800s Pennsylvania. The story begins with a tent revival meeting that has piqued the interest of a few of the Amish in the area, including Susannah. As the story continues readers are introduced to the different styles of religion and the question of what is real faith. Is it the response to a fire and brimstone message or is it one that comes from the quiet, solemnity of Amish tradition? And what in the world is [...]

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