A Historical Christmas Present

A Historical Christmas Present Throughout the ages Christmas has been a time of love and rejoicing Now from Dorchester Publishing comes a selection of three classic tales to warm the hearts of historical romance readers everywhe

  • Title: A Historical Christmas Present
  • Author: Lisa Kleypas Lynsay Sands Leigh Greenwood
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 265
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Throughout the ages, Christmas has been a time of love and rejoicing Now, from Dorchester Publishing, comes a selection of three classic tales to warm the hearts of historical romance readers everywhere.RITA Award winning I Will LISA KLEYPASWhen a Georgian bluestocking is propositioned by a rakish noble, she finds the unlikely deal he proposes is the gift of a lifetime Throughout the ages, Christmas has been a time of love and rejoicing Now, from Dorchester Publishing, comes a selection of three classic tales to warm the hearts of historical romance readers everywhere.RITA Award winning I Will LISA KLEYPASWhen a Georgian bluestocking is propositioned by a rakish noble, she finds the unlikely deal he proposes is the gift of a lifetime Three French Hens LYNSAY SANDSA twelfth century scullion gets the chance to play a lady s maid and win the true love of an impoverished lord Father Christmas LEIGH GREENWOODDelivering a young widow s baby during the holiday season transforms the heart of a lonely drifter in the nineteenth century Arizona Territory

    • A Historical Christmas Present by Lisa Kleypas Lynsay Sands Leigh Greenwood
      265 Lisa Kleypas Lynsay Sands Leigh Greenwood
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    LISA KLEYPAS is the RITA award winning author of 21 novels Her books are published in fourteen languages and are bestsellers all over the world She lives in Washington State with her husband and two children.


  • A Historical Christmas Present lives up to its name with three enjoyable, Christmastime historical romance stories. "I Will" is actually a favorite reread of mine. I think is my third time reading this story. I loved it just as much. I think that Ms. Kleypas found just the right story to bring the Christmas mood to this reader. This is a story about redemption and second chances. How hope comes in very unexpected packages, just like the baby born in a manger over two thousand years ago. Kleypas [...]

  • I just read the short story by Lisa Kleypas called "I Will." It was a lovely story about the brother of Logan Scott from Because You're Mine. I really liked the heroine in that book so it was fun getting a glimpse of what her life was like after the book ended. The heroine in this one was considered a bluestocking and a perfect match for the hero (once again Ms. Kleypas takes two different characters and fits them perfectly together). There were not a lot of redeeming qualities in the hero who s [...]

  • Reread on 11/23/12. I love this book! A must read for the Christmas season!Usually I do not bother to review anthologies. Takes to long and they are not usually worth writing about.This one being the exception to that rule. For the price tag and quality of storiesyou can't go wrong with this one. It's tough, but Lisa Kleypas's RITA award winner "I Will" was my favorite. For those that read her pair of books Somewhere I'll Find You and Because You're Mine, you'll recognize the hero. He is Logan S [...]

  • I WILL by Lisa Kleypas is the story that I read in this Christmas anthology.This is the story of Andrew,Logan Scott's brother ,one of my most favorite of LK's heros.Throughly enjoyed this little gem of a story.I love how Andrew constantly removes Caro's specs and cleans them for her ,then gently places them back on.

  • I borrowed this from the library just to read LK's I Will. It's tied in with one of her older novels that I will need to read soon, about Logan Scott. I liked this short story but wasn't in love with it. I didn't feel that the heroine's background, upbringing and experiences would allow her to be so sexually forward so that was a leap for me. I liked the Hero more; his reformed rake transformation was similar to the story of Cold Hearted Rake. It's probably better than 3 stars except for the fac [...]

  • "I Will " by Lisa Kleypas: Eugh. I didn't get past the first chapter of this one. An ass of a hero holding the family's ruin over the heroine's head to get her to pretend to be his betrothed? Stirring members, tingly insides I couldn't read it."Three French Hens" by Lynsay Sands: An unrealistic yet cute story of a serving girl persuaded to pretend she is a lady, and (of course) falling in love with the hero."Father Christmas" by Leigh Greenwood: Another unrealistic yet cute story of a hero on th [...]

  • I just read the Kleypas novella in the anthology, as she is a favorite of mine. She rarely disappoints and her regency romances are some of the best ever written. Her scorching heroes never fail to pleasure their ladies ;D

  • Of course, for LK's "I Will". Originally read in the Wish List anthology. Haven't re-read in a while but I'm sure the stars will remain the same. Wish I had the time to add a review. :-<

  • I really enjoyed the first two in this anthology by Kleypas and Sands, but I found the third story to be boring

  • This is my review of Lisa's contribution to this anthology. (2 Wine Glasses) Starts out as a light historical read then takes some wrong turns“I can’t conceive of what you could possibly want from me, Lord Drake,” Caroline said crisply. “However, I can assure you that you won’t get it.”I Will: A Christmas Novella by Lisa Kleypas starts out as a light historical read. I recently discovered Lisa’s books and, when I saw this one available at our library within the A Historical Christm [...]

  • This was a fun read to put you in the mood for the upcoming holiday. The first book begs the reader to answer the question of rather a 26 year old spinster to win the heart of a well known rogue. Lord Drake is all that is improper but in this read he has to appear the opposite in order to gain his inheritance. No better way to convince his father than asking Caroline Hargreaves with her sparkling reputation to bring home his sham. -Lisa Kleypas, "I will"The second is by Lynsay sands and while I' [...]

  • A Historical Christmas Present“I Will” by Lisa Klelpas This is one of my favourite Christmas stories. The writing is clear and engaging. The author’s characters are full of spirit and the reader is instantly involved in their drama. Caroline is smart, sarcastic and outspoken which makes her unwanted on the marriage market but a great character to read and relate too. Andrew is a rogue, a notorious bad boy who is ALL charm. I am a sucker for bad boys The characters really drive this story b [...]

  • I Will by Lisa KleypasWhen a Georgian bluestocking is propositioned by a rakish noble, she finds the unlikely deal he proposes is the gift of a life time.Andrew, Lord Drake, is the drunken dissolute half brother to Logan Scott (Because You're Mine.) Their father is dying. In order to get back into the will Andrew must prove he has transformed his scandalous ways. So comes about a sham engagement to the morally upright Miss Caroline Hargreaves. The novella is a Rita Award winner. The same novella [...]

  • Lisa Kleypas is my favorite romance writer, so I always buy any collection of books where she is one of the authors. Her story was very good as was the second author, Lynsay Sands. Of course, the only problem is that the stories were too short and the characters fell in love too quickly and easily, but you can't really fault the authors, since their stories have to be short when they are part of a collection. So I digress. The third author's story, however, was not good at all. Problem number 1: [...]

  • I got on an anthology kick the other day and found this holiday historical romance set in my big ol' pile of TBR's. I love Kleypas, I'm not really fond of Sands, and Greenwood is an unknown for me. I decided to give it a go, and stayed up way past my bedtime to finish one last story!"I Will" by Lisa KleypasA Regency story of an spinster sister who agrees to be courted by the rakish friend of her younger brother so that the friend can inherit his noble fortune. Kleypas does an awesome job deliver [...]

  • Didn't take me that long to read the book, but I've completely forgot what the first story, I Will by Lisa Kleypas, was about so I would deem it forgettable. I remember, I did think of what I would give it and I had decided on a 3 stars.Three French Hens by Lynsay Sands was about a young maid changing place with a lady because the latter doesn't want to be wooed by the man she's been betrothed to as a baby. It's a prince and the pauper variation, not a lot of unexpected twists, but I did enjoy i [...]

  • Three previously published historical Christmas novellas set in Georgian England, 12th century England, and frontier Arizona are collected here. I liked Lisa Kleypas' story best. A dissolute Lord who has been leading her brother to ruin proposes a plot to get back into his father's will in exchange for clearing the brother's debts. He will give up his bad habits and pretend to pursue her, a noted prim and proper spinster to convince his father to reinstate him. Of course, he is not as bad as he [...]

  • This is a really nice collection of (loosely) holiday-themed short stories. I liked Lisa Kelypas's "I Will" the best--a sweet story about the importance of having someone believe in you and the ability to redeem yourself, no matter what you've done in the past. "Three French Hens" by Lynsay Sands completely stretches the boundaries of reality, but is a sweet story that had me laughing out loud more than once. "Father Christmas" came in a close second behind Kleypas's contribution--it's a cleverl [...]

  • This is a collection of three novellas. I WILL by Lisa Kleypas is a regency and was a good story, a 4.5. THREE FRENCH HENS by Lynsay Sands, a medieval, was 2 stars. The plot and characters weren't believable. FATHER CHRISTMAS, a western by Leigh Greenwood, started out slow. I thought it was going to be another 2 stars story, but about the middle I engaged with the characters and it became a delightful, warm Christmas story about creating a family and finding love. Overall I'd give it 3.5 stars.

  • For "I Will" only. The story was MUCH more better than Because You're Mine- which I dropped immediately after a few chapters- yet I didn't understand why this story wasn't made a full length novel? The second story is so disastrous that I cannot believe it is a romance story. The hero only loved in the condition that he had the heroine's money, and although he said it was for his people, I simply couldn't agree.

  • I have read several anthologies , and usually I enjoy all the stories in the book, but this time I just enjoyed Lisa Kleypas "I Will" story it was a warm lovely read on a cold rainy day . As For Lynsay Sands "Three French Hens" , I found this to be one of her weakest stories so far. And I simply got bored reading Lisa Greenwood 's "Father Christmas" I thought I will discover two good authors in the end but it ends up I just discovered one and that would be Lisa Kleypas .

  • Where there are three stories in the book, each story was really rushed, as is typical in books with multiple stories. The second story was my favorite and would have very much enjoyed reading this story extended in a full book. Story three was my next favorite, it would also have been good in a full book. Story one would have been good in a full book where the story line could have been extended but as it was it was just too rushed, there wasn't enough description, not enough interaction betwee [...]

  • Anthology 4.5 Stars I Will by Lisa Kleypas A bluestocking is propositioned to act the couple with a rakish noble in order for him to get his inheritance. A tired plot magically transformed by the master story writer Lisa Kleypas.2.5 StarsThree French Hens by Lynsay Sands 3.5 Stars Father Christmas by Leigh Greenwood A lonely drifter is transformed by delivering a young widow's baby during the holiday season.

  • A wonderful anthology of Christmas love. Each story is unique, but my favorite is the simple love story by Leigh Greenwood about "Joe" and Mary". In this story, the characters learn to look past the facade and society's strictures and condemnation to the real person within. This is a great set of stories meant to be revisited every Christmas season.

  • I usually do like anthologies(to short of a story for me), however, I really liked Lisa Kleypas's story (I Will) in this anthology and since this is the first time I ever read one of her books I have a new author to read! I thought Lynsay Sands' story was good but I think her vampire series is much better.

  • I chose to read I Will for a Christmas reading challenge. I am not a huge historical fan but having said that, I would read anything Lisa Kleypas writes-she is just that good. Somehow she can take the biggest rake, and make you love and understand him and totally believe he can be redeemed by the love of a good woman. By the end of this story I wanted to be Caroline! I recommend this book!

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